KMSAuto 11.2.1 Net Latest Windows Version Activator

By | November 27, 2022

KMSAuto Net for Windows All Version Full Free Download

KMSAuto Net for Windows All Version Full Free Download

KMSAuto 11.2.1 Net is a safe and fully automatic KMS activator for Windows 8.1 and 8 /10. The programme activates your system without the use of any keys or phone calls.

Because activation normally occurs without modifying system files, system performance is not jeopardised. There are certain drawbacks, but activation takes only one click, and you do not need to pay for the licenced edition of Windows.

This is an excellent alternative for searching for licenced keys that yield no results. Simply Download KMSAuto Net 2022 and activate it by clicking the activation button. For many Windows users, successfully activating a Microsoft Windows or Office application is a significant deal.

It is one of the most prevalent problems that consumers encounter from time to time. Because the majority of users do not require a genuine copy.

But, if you believe you can’t activate Windows or Office because you haven’t purchased a genuine copy, you’re mistaken. All you require is a reliable Windows activator.

Windows & Office Activator Portable KMS AUTO Net

The application works on a pretty basic principle: it emulates the KMS server and then activates the operating system on it, after which the server is erased.
KMS Activator is an entirely legal Windows activation method developed by Microsoft for the activation of corporate products, so it does not demonstrate anything novel.

In fact, in Windows 8.1, the default method of connecting to the activation server via localhost ( is blocked, so the software tricks the system into thinking your PC is also a member of the KMS server.

KMSAuto Net for Windows All Version Full Free Download

What is the KMSAuto Net Server, and how does it work?

Customers with software licences and software assurance can use Key Management Services (KMS) to activate Windows operating systems and Office products.

This service enables activation via the KMS server running inside, even if the computer is not connected to the internet.

Before I explain the configuration, I’d like to provide some background on the system’s operation and the issues to be addressed.

  • Customers who require software assurance can benefit from the KMS service’s Volume License Agreement.
  • Clients: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise.
  • (For Pro products, additional scripts must be run.)
  • Server: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 2012, and Windows 2012 R2.
  • Office: Office 2010, Office 2013, and Office 2016 products can be activated using the KMS server.
  • The computer that will be activated by KMS does not have to be a Domain member.
  • KMS provides a TCP 1688 port.
  • This port must be allowed by the Windows firewall on the KMS server or by the firewall in front of your KMS server in your network.
  • The product key from which you activate the KMS server is also covered by all sub-versions of the product key.
  • In other words, if you install the KMS service on Server 2012, the product key you use to activate it will activate all subversion.
  • Office items necessitate additional processing.
  • I’ll explain later in the piece.
  • After installing the KMS server, the server must be prompted for activation requests from various computers.
  • These figures are as follows:
  • 25 Windows clients, 5 Windows servers, and 5 Office applications
  • KMS is now triggered for servers when 5 separate servers deliver requests.
  • There are still 25 customers.
  • In other words, each product’s activation status varies.
  • The computer’s licence is valid for 180 days after activation via KMS.
  • Every 7 days, the activated PC renews this time by interacting with the KMS server.
  • In other words, the licence of a KMS-enabled computer is reduced if it is unable to communicate with the KMS server for 6 months.
  • When a new operating system is installed, it attempts to be activated automatically on the KMS server for three days.
  • If manual activation using our command is not possible.
  • To activate Office products, open and close any Office component (such as Word or Excel) once.
  • It must be enabled at the next boot.
  • The computer that will be activated with the KMS server must have the same date/time information.

In addition, if you want, you can switch the program to the advanced, professional mode – this is done on the “About the program” tab, where you can read the user manual and watch the video.

To successfully register Win 8.1, you must follow the instructions to use the KMSauto 2022 launcher. In this case, you can be sure that the activation will not lock after a certain

Supported Platforms

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • MS Office
  • Project
  • Vista Windows


This version of KMSauto is able to activate not only Microsoft Windows however any version of MS Office, starting in 2010 and ending in 2016. Contrary to standard belief, this application is legal. After all, it was created specifically for the activation of the Microsoft company software system section.

Consider the merits of KMS activator Ultimate:

  • Work fast and easily
  • With the easy user interface, anyone can learn to use it in just a minute.
  • It has a decent design
  • There’s also an option to put your own product key if you want.
  • Also, some other extra valuable tools.

KMSAuto Net Features

There are many activator companies who claim that their activators can activate your windows however, in reality, they’re failed to search for the correct key for activation.

But KMSAuto 11.2.1 Net can activate your Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server, Microsoft office 2010 to 2016 and other versions. You don’t need any additional skills to install and use this software system. It all depends upon your one click.

  • KMSAuto Net offers a pleasant user experience and is simple to use.
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions older than 7, as well as MS Office versions older than 2010.
  • The window activation tool is a safe and dependable tool.
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office installation
  • Existence of a professional route
  • Windows activation and backup capabilities (in case you have already done the activation by phone)
  • This is an open-source project that is open to all users.
  • It makes things simple and quick.
  • You can permanently activate your window and office (you do not need to activate again after a few months).
  • This cannot be installed if you are connected to the internet and have your firewall turned on.
  • To install it, disconnect your internet connection and turn off your firewall.
  • You can use your firewall again after installation.
  • This will not disable your windows.
  • The most recent version also allows the activation of Windows 10 and Office 2016.

 Download KMSpico

Note:- Don’t Worry. Here is KMSPIco Password that You can unzip encrypted zip files without any Worries… 😀

Password  for Zip     12345

Download KMSAuto Net

Maybe your antivirus detects KMSAuto 2016 as a virus. An activator is a crack, so most famous activators are part of the anti-virus blacklist.

So, before downloading and activating, simply disable the antivirus program, or add the KMS Server service.exe file to the exceptions of your antivirus.

If you are using windows 10, you need to disable the Windows defender to use KMSAuto. Otherwise, it will delete it.  If you don’t know how to disable it, follow these simple steps:

Click on Start Menu and search for Security.

You will see Windows Defender Security Center.

Open Windows Defender Security Center and Go to Virus and Threat Protection.

Now from here, disable the Real-Time Protection

And now you are ready to go ☺

System requirements

This new Version Of Kmsauto is super fast and works well without any failure. It’s in the English language, and for this latest version, you need to the following hardware:

  • Operation system: Windows 7 to 10 maximum
  • You must have installed: Net framework 4
  • Administrator privileges
  • 5 MB of free space in the hard disk

This Is the Best KMS Auto Net Windows Activator. if you Don’t like This, You can Also You KMSpico Which is Also Best For Activation.

There Are many activation tools, but KMS are great than others because it gives lifetime activation, just foolish you as other activation tools do.

KMS Tool Software Help us to use properly free our windows and office kms auto and KMSpico are the same. They work equally, then why did we not use only one? let’s explain to you…

Difference Between AUTO KMS And KMSPICO

All activators for KMSauto and KMSpico portable lights are the same. There is no longer any distinction between,

However, they are used for specific purposes, such as if your kmspico is not activating your windows, you may use kmsauto, which is dependent on your computer model, so don’t worry, you can use one of them.

However, everyone uses kmspico since it is a popular and regularly updated activator software, and so people prefer it to kmsauto.

On the Internet, you may discover 70% Virus software tools, especially about activation, so stay away from there. First, read all details on their page from where you get any activator, and then check to see whether the site is legitimate or not before saving it to your PC.

How to Install & Activate Windows with KMS AUTO Net

So, After all the above details, return to installing and activating windows.

The entire process of activation takes less than 2 minutes.

it’s very easy. You can install it and activate your windows no need to watch videos on YouTube or any technical mind or knowledge just follow the simple step that I am guiding you through here.

  1.  unzip the file which you downloaded from here; you can use the WinRAR
  2. program window with two buttons: ” Activation ” and ” Information. “
  3. Click the Activate button, then select Windows activation.
  4. Wait until the activation is complete and restart your computer.

Done. Your windows is activated now in 4 steps. You got it.

Remove KMS AUTO Virus

After getting a virus, they search for 1 2 hours “how can I remove KMS virus and watching a lot of videos about it”. 80% Chance it does not remove easily from the computer even if you need to be tried to use antivirus Norton and Avira

if you have to restore the system point date, you can restore and save from it. Otherwise, you need to reinstall your windows and format all your Windows files (C Drive). Without this, there is no best solution to remove it in a better way.

So stay away from viruses. Use genius sites only almost it automatically makes Folders which are Shortcut folders. here has the solution for it > Uninstall Kmspico

How to Remove Auto KMS NET Shortcuts folders

To do this, follow the steps by step:

  1.  Go to the Windows search bar, type run or press the ‘Windows’ + R‘ key set,
  2.  Write the command “Regedit“.
  3.  Now you will see a user control in a pop-up window; give it permission by clicking on “yes.
  4.  let’s, expand the folder “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  5.  double click on the subfolder “Lnkfile“.
  6.  now, you will find various files. Locate the one called “shortcut“.
  7.  Right-click on that file and press “delete”, and remove.


This KMSAuto 11.2.1 Version is comfortable for almost Operating systems also fast, and has no errors, you don’t need to pay for it you can use free of cost. its helps to activate windows and Microsoft office for free.

KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto Net is a free activation tool for Windows 10, 8 and 8.1. It is also supported by Office 365 and 2016. You can also activate Windows Server by using this free tool.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Activator

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